I Makeup Studio is unique in its style of teaching and the range of courses it offers to its students. These courses are spread over a convenient period of time allowing the students to learn the best techniques and skills. Our courses also vary in the type of the makeup techniques being taught - from highly professional to simple everyday makeup and grooming. Our courses are designed in a flexible manner such that a variety of people including professional makeup artists, working women, salon owners, college students, home makers, etc. can benefit from them. There are three types of courses offered at I Makeup Studio:

Comprehensive (6 weeks course):


  • Skincare routine hygiene.
  • Brushes, tools, accessories and uses.
  • Full product knowledge.
  • Prep and Prime.
  • Facial anatomy( different face shapes)
  • Color theory.
  • Working with different skin tones, undertones and textures.
  • Foundation/ Concealing techniques.
  • Contouring/ Highlighting (theory and practice)


  • Natural/ Day makeup (TV/ Press makep up)
  • Corrective makeup.
  • Evening/ glamour look.
  • Bridal.
  • Fashion/ Photography(HD makeup)
  • Male makeup.
  • Intro to Airbrushing/ SF
  • Foundation/ Concealing techniques.
  • Contouring/ Highlighting (theory and practice)

    Payback from our course

  • 3 photo shoots to start your portfolio.
  • Facecharts
  • Personalised attention with small size classes.
  • Brief on online marketing.
  • Training in developing personal skill-sets in make-up artistry.
  • Learn/ master international techniques/ etiquette.
  • Imakeup studio certification.
  • Foundation/ Concealing techniques.
  • Contouring/ Highlighting (theory and practice)

Intensive 2 week makeup course.

  • Covers advance techniques in natural bridal/ red carpet looks.
  • This course provides detailed information on corrective theory. students will learn correcting and camouflaging techniques for imperfections, such as spots and dark circles.
  • You will learn cream contouring effects, highlighting, and shading to create three-dimensional illusory effects.
  • The course will cover advance techniques of applying and blending eye makeup, eyeliners, eyebrow shaping, and the application of false lashes.

Intensive 1 week advance bridal course

  • Covers advance trendy bridal techniques/ looks.
  • Includes Arabic, smokey eye, cutcrease, techniques for bridal looks.

Personal makeup session

  • 4-5 hours (1/2 day classes)
  • Covers natural/ day make-up and transform to evening (smoky eye) look.
  • Complete skin care routine
  • Full product knowledge according to individual skin type.
  • Contouring/ highlighting techniques.
  • Learn latest techniques in eyeshadow/ lips set application.

Hair workshop

    One week basic / two weeks advance workshop course includes (3 hours Monday - Friday)

  • Prepping hair for styling.
  • Intro to hair products.
  • Basic hair tools / sectioning / blowdrying / straightening / creating curls / different types of heated tongs.
  • Basic updos / downdos / braiding / creating poofs for day / evening look (2 looks )
  • 2 week course includes:

    • Advance hairstyles.
    • Bridal updos.
    • Retro / period looks.
    • Use of heated tongs to create glamorous hairstyles.
    • How to use hair extensions to create different hairstyles.