About Pooja Karnani

Like every other branch of art, learning the art of makeup requires an experienced mentor under whose careful watch students thrive and acquire skills in this field. I Makeup Studio operates under the command of one such highly commendable mentor - Pooja Karnani.

Pooja Karnani started her journey at FATMU Academy. It is here that she acquired her skills as a make-up artist. From a bridal to a highly advanced look required for fashion, video and print media, she got a wide range of experiences during her FATMU days. Furthermore, she has worked with multinational brands like MAC cosmetics as a senior makeup artist where she had the opportunity to serve a very diverse clientele.

Pooja has worked as a trainer with Marvie Ann Beck Academy in Mumbai where she has trained over 200 students in the art of make-up. She has been working for various events ever since and has been covering weddings and parties along with highly professional film shoots, model photo shoots, TV shows and video sessions.